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Errea NO SHOX Knee Pad White

90% Polyamide 10 % Elastane. A new generation of kneepads featuring THERMOSHOCK 00. Patented by Thermoshoe, comes from an innovative concept: it is a stable thermoplastic material with unique characteristics which make it suitable for the most diverse applications.. Commonly known as GEL. Thermoshock guarantees greater absorption of impact even with a very slim thickness. CORDURA  thread fibre : At the front of the knee pad, in the padded area, CORDURA fibre is used to guarantee greater resistance to abrasion. This specific yarn is above all used in high mountain sporting activities. FLEXIBILITY : Protective has been created following ergonomic criteria with differentiated body-mapping reinforcement. SEAMLESS : Tubular knitting technology reduces seams to a minimum & offers great comfort & breathability, along with ergonomic wearability & a sporty design.
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