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Iceland Surprise Argentina Iceland qualified for its first-ever FIFA World Cup this year, becoming the smallest nation by population to ever clinch a World Cup berth. They didn't have to wait very long for their first goal in the tournament. • Its first game of the group stage came against Lionel Messi and Argentina -- one of the tournament favorites. But after Sergio Aguero scored in the 19th minute to give the Argentinians an early lead, Iceland responded quickly. Alfred Finnbogason -- a striker for the German club FC Augsburg -- scored the historic first goal for Iceland just four minutes after Aguero's strike. The goal came off a rebound from the Argentinian keeper.

LEGENDS ARE BORN WITHOUT WARNING ICE, WATER, FIRE AND GEYSERS: ONCE AGAIN THE NEW KITS DESIGNED BY ERREÀ FOR THE ICELAND FOOTBALL TEAM HAVE BEEN INSPIRED BY NATURE'S ELEMENTS! A land covered in ice with an immense wealth of water and a heart of fire thanks to the huge number of volcanoes and geysers. All of this can be found harmonized in the new kits which Erreà Sport has designed for KSÍ – the Football Association of Iceland and its first ever history making appearance in the FIFA World Cup. The fire which lights and warms the heart of this land and its people is the starting element for unveiling the new kit. Due to its effect, the ice, symbolically represented by the white on the V-necked collar and along the shoulders, slowly melts, mixing with the lava along the sleeves characterized by almost dot-like graphics where red and blue blend. Then blue representing the water that has melted thanks to the heat, is the distinctive color of the main body and the background of the home strip with its simple and clean lines but perfect down to the smallest detail. The close fit is emphasized by the combination of two fabrics. The first, positioned in the central part of the jersey, is soft, breathable and extremely comfortable and is embellished and combined with a second yarn, a special mesh placed along the sides of the jersey. To emphasize the strong national identity, the pride and the intense sense of community that distinguish the Icelandic people, there are two iconic elements included in the new kit: the motto already present for the 2016 European Championships "FYRIR ÍSLAND" ("For Iceland") positioned inside the neck and the national flag on the back of the jersey. The new KSÍ kits, like all Erreà garments, are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, prestigious certification, obtained by the company in 2007 as the leading European company in the teamwear sector, guarantees that all Erreà fabrics and products are neither toxic nor harmful to health, in compliance with the most important international regulations and in observance of the highest and most recognized quality and safety standards.

Values and Mission


The passion for sport and the continued investment into the research of new technologies and new fabrics has brought Erreà on a course to the forefront of innovation and product quality

Erreà are the first and only team wear company in Europe to have obtained Oeko-Tex certification, the leading international institute for research and testing in the field of textile ecology. This certification, obtained in 2007, guarantees that Erreà products, which carry the label, do not release toxic or carcinogenic substances which are often used during the production of fabrics, and thereby attest to absolute safety and respect for health.

The attention and scrupulous control as to the origin of the raw materials allow, therefore, compliance with the most stringent European health standards.

Quality, innovative design and state of the art materials
are the characteristics which distinguish all Erreà products.


Erreà is passion and proficiency in sport.

Our work has always been at the service of those who want a better life through the professionalism and enjoyment of sporting activity.

Erreà’s mission is to produce products which combine style, comfort and technical fabrics, perfect for supporting athletes of every sport and at every level.
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